Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rough Week

What a week! Let's just say we have run into a little "snag" with our real estate investment. Long story - short, apparently we don't actually "own" the house we renovated. We have recently learned that we were apart of a black market real estate scheme. The crazy part is that the individual we purchased the home from did not own the house either. After looking into it further the actual "House Deed"was counterfeit, It was nothing more then a certificate template he downloaded online. I am kicking myself for not seeing it earlier, (I have actually used the same template to make awards before).
So... sorry if anyone had their hearts set on this one. Luckily the real owner said he would not press charges for painting his house. We just have to paint it back (Can you believe he actually wants us to paint it back turquoise! - That is the real crime)

Needless to say, Kenny is pretty upset at the whole thing. He is saying he is the one that lost everything. I just have to keep reminding him that my part of the investment was the wisdom and experience. When it comes down to it you can always earn more money. How do you replace wisdom or experience? You can't.

Anyway, the real estate market has left a bad taste in my mouth so I think I am going to shift my career directions for a little while. Besides, I have a gut feeling that the real estate market may be softening in the near future. I have always had a dream to record audio books. I have had more then one person comment on my unique voice and I think it might be time to put it to use. So I have started practicing reading some books (mostly Harry Potter, my English accent impression is Uncanny.) but, nothing real has stood out that I want to do for a debut book. Any suggestions?



Remuda said...

I think "Twilight" would be the obvious choice, but I will spend more time thinking about an even better audio book for you to record...

Backcountry Gear Review said...

Hunter!!! A little bird told me it's your birthday today!!!

Happy handsome birthday!

Thank YOU for being my life coach and making my life so rich!!!