Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rough Week

What a week! Let's just say we have run into a little "snag" with our real estate investment. Long story - short, apparently we don't actually "own" the house we renovated. We have recently learned that we were apart of a black market real estate scheme. The crazy part is that the individual we purchased the home from did not own the house either. After looking into it further the actual "House Deed"was counterfeit, It was nothing more then a certificate template he downloaded online. I am kicking myself for not seeing it earlier, (I have actually used the same template to make awards before).
So... sorry if anyone had their hearts set on this one. Luckily the real owner said he would not press charges for painting his house. We just have to paint it back (Can you believe he actually wants us to paint it back turquoise! - That is the real crime)

Needless to say, Kenny is pretty upset at the whole thing. He is saying he is the one that lost everything. I just have to keep reminding him that my part of the investment was the wisdom and experience. When it comes down to it you can always earn more money. How do you replace wisdom or experience? You can't.

Anyway, the real estate market has left a bad taste in my mouth so I think I am going to shift my career directions for a little while. Besides, I have a gut feeling that the real estate market may be softening in the near future. I have always had a dream to record audio books. I have had more then one person comment on my unique voice and I think it might be time to put it to use. So I have started practicing reading some books (mostly Harry Potter, my English accent impression is Uncanny.) but, nothing real has stood out that I want to do for a debut book. Any suggestions?


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flip this House - Part Two

Wow! what a weekend. I have never worked so hard in my whole life. Don't ever let anyone tell you that managing a single employee is easy. I had to use every management technique I could think of to keep Kenny on task. I even did a lot of the low intensity of painting myself. I did have to take regular breaks, because I am still having some complications from my foot surgery and can't be on my feet for extended periods of time. Anyway, we worked all day yesterday. It was gruelling but take a look at these pictures and I think you will agree that sometimes sweat equity does pay off.

Let me give you the run-down of what we did. We changed the entire exterior, updating it with a nice calming earthtone blend. A huge improvement from that ghastly 80's turquoise. For the kitchen, we wanted to give it a contemporary look. I have always loved black & white. It's timeless and as you can see gave this kitchen exactly what it needed. I have to give Kenny props for the bathroom. I'll admit I was hesitant at letting him do a room all by himself but, as you know from "Extreme Home Makeover," every renovated house needs at least one room with a theme -- and who doesn't love basketball. I actually think that bathroom might be the cheese on the mousetrap for someone.
Oh yes, I did thank you guys for bringing it to my attention the proximity of the adjacent home to ours. I look at it a little closer. It looks like there is some connecting walls. However, I didn't notice it originally so I do think many other people will either. So, we are going to start advertising it on craigslist and will try to get some video of the remodel on You Tube. I have some classic video of me inspiring Kenny with a megaphone. Getting it online may be a problem.(Once again, my computer keeps acting up. I keep getting these weird pop-ups and then the screen just goes blank for 30 seconds. I'm pretty sure it's the monitor. This will be the 6th monitor I've had in the last year. They just don't make them like they used to.
-Back to the home, if you know of anyone who might be interested send them my way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flip this House

It was just brought to my attention that I have not yet posted anything on this blog regarding real estate. Which is of course shocking because it is definitely something I excel at and I enjoy doing. Truth be told, my cousin Kenny and I are about to begin on a little real estate investment / project. I have always had a dream of buying an older house, fixing it up and selling it for a huge profit. However, due to a few bumps in my credit (curse the Nordstrom's half yearly sale and the 2002 Olympic Edition Pontiac Aztec that I just had to have) a home loan has been a bit of a challenge. So I would like to congratulate Kenny on becoming my partner. He will contribute the financial capital and I will contribute the knowledge capital. Anyway, the plan is to post our progress. So here are a few photos. Here are the before pictures:

As you can see we have a lot of work to do. But you can also see the potential. The best part is the sweet deal we got on this house. I don't want to reveal the price until we have it fixed up and sold. Does anyone know how to get a hold of the producers of "Flip this House?" I think HGTV would love to promo this. If you do please forward me their contact info.

So I will keep everyone updated on the progress. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. We are going to make a ton of money! The only thing I'm nervous about is Kenny's poor taste in paint color. (We spent and hour and a half at Home Depot fighting over colors.) Kenny wants me to believe that because he once dated a girl that was going to be an interior designer that he taste is better then mine. Yeah Right!

Stay tuned for more house updates!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year, New You.

My sincere apologies to everyone for the delayed New Years posting. I had every intention of starting the new year off right with a super inspirational post. However, my cousin Kenny had a bright idea that we should run in the "bringing in the New Year" 5K on new years eve. Because I was worried about it being so cold, I wore my heavy wool sledding socks. I have since learned that they do not make good running socks. To make a long story short. I got TWO ingrown toenails and have been on bedrest for a month.

So foot surgery is not the best way to start off the year I know...But, I am a trooper. The "doctor" thought I could be up on my feet the next day. I want to ask him if he ever had ingrown toenails. Some doctor, he wouldn't even prescribe me any real pain medication. The saddest part is I don't know if my Toenails will ever fully recover.

Anyway, after a month on the couch, I am ready to return to the land of the living. Although, I did finally get to catch up on my Tivo. (I have Tivo'ed every episode of Extreme Home Makeover. .. I consider Ty Pedington one of the most motivating people on TV. The way he amplifies his energy through that megaphone is powerful. Plus, you may notice the colors he chooses to wear....

spooky huh?

So, instead of leaving you with a powerful tip today, I want to hear one from you. What is your life motto? What is the saying that helps you reach for the stars. Also, if you have resolutions you want to share, please let me know.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Check This Out!


I wasn't planning on doing another post until right before or after Christmas but I ran across this little thing and had to share it with everyone:

*click on the side bar video*

The best part about this dance, is that I actually know all the moves these guys are doing. In fact if anyone knows who videos these, I have a few suggestions I think they could add to it if they do another one next year.

Let briefly explain the players involved here. If I could pick a posse to chorography a dance here. 1. Me (of course) someone needs to run the show 2. Edward, someone that has lived as long as he has is of course going to know a lot of moves people have never seen. 3. Zac Efron, you have to admit the guy has moves. 4. Tony Stark / Ironman. It was a toss up between him and Justin Timberlake but when it comes down to it we need someone to bring the people out. As you all know, nobody brings in a crowd like Ironman. 5. I could'nt think of a fifth member, so as long as I picking the dream team, I would pick another one of me. Hey, it's my blog.

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

One More Week!

I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away. Seriously, where did the time go this year. I'm really going to try extra hard to sit back and enjoy this week. I wanted to write down some suggestions of traditions I have that I think you might enjoy:

1. Hot Cocoa, warm Jammies, and good book

2. Watch a favorite Christmas movie (I recommend Santa Claus 3. Tim Allen + Martin Short = me laughing on the floor)

3. Carolling (Although I wouldn't recommend doing this by yourself, your reception will be much better if you take others with you....I learned this the hard way.)

4. Sledding: I actually don't do this anymore. Although I was really good at it, my tailbone is WAY too sensitive. Now I'm happy just to watch.

5. Presents: Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit like when I get presents.

I almost forgot the results of the contest: The best Christmas Shrimp receipe. (The strange part is that it was the same two people that submitted receipes as last weeks competition, I think that filter on my computer may be set too high).

So the winner is "n" with


Although this took way longer then I thought, It was a definite hit. (I was a little aprehensive about it because I had to improvise on some of the ingredients. I actually need to rename it
LEMON "CLAM" GELATIN DELIGHT - I was in such a hurry at the store I picked up the wrong can. Everybody still loved it. I set it down, went to the bathroom and when I came out it was gone. So as promised here are the blueprints to my Ironman costume.

TOP SECRET IRONMAN costume blue print:

Anyway, I need to resolve a concern that a couple of bloggers had about who whould win in a fight between Ironman and Edward. A pretty good match-up, although realistically I really don't think they would ever have something to fight about. They really stand for much of the same things. However, if it did happen, I would put my money on Edward = for the simple fact that he could sneak into Tony Starks house and steal an extra Ironman suit. He would have to use his Vampire soul to power the suit, but then he would be a vampire in the most advanced mechanical weapon of our time. That is a tough match-up for Tony Stark.

So enjoy the Holidays! my next post will be about new years resolutions. This is probably the most important post a life coach can give so get ready. If you have resolutions that you are considering please let me know. I can help make your dreams come true!


Friday, December 12, 2008

First Contest Results

Thanks for the questions. Excellent points from everyone. Although I have to disqualify "n" from the contest as his/her question had no reference to "Christmas." So by default the winner goes to "Remuda." However, I hate to disapoint but I found out a couple days ago (after spending a hour arguing with the customer service representative that my computer only has a CD Rom and can't actually "burn" DVD's. That is why I was having so much trouble getting it to work. But here are the links to the songs I was going to burn:
1. One Week: I already posted this link (I have the whole thing memorized)
2. Complicated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGXYAJoDWCk (My favorite song to lip sync)
3. One Night in Bangkok: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgmoEHnUpjk (Old school classic)
4. Another day in Paradise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftlYLcEW_I4 (Any Phil Collins song could be on this list.)
5. Streets of Philidelphia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L9_8vwx2w8&feature=related (I have a lot of nostalgia for this song....It's a long story.)
6. Truely, Madly, Deeply: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6Dg1Ymji-Q (If they ever made a poem into a song, in my book, this would be it. )
7. Drops of Jupiter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xXQFnIEf_Q (This song reminds me of me.)
Anyway, there are lots more but it is taking forever to copy and paste them.
Moving on...
Remuda, asks a challenging question. While I love everything about Christmas. I have to say Halloween is top on my list for one simple reason... COSTUMES. When it comes to dressing up, like everything I do, I give it 100%. Guess what I was this year? No it wasn't Edward. I'm not even that big of a fan. (I want to make it clear that I am not a 100% beliver in vampires. Probably only like 10% - 15%.) I AM IRONMAN! (was).

Belive it or not, this is not a photo from the actual Ironman movie. This is a photo of me on my deck wearing a replica costume I spent countless hours assembling this summer. At work on Halloween, I actually had people tell me it looked more real then the one in the movie. I would happen to agree. Hope that answers your question about my favorite Holiday. Don't get me wrong Christmas is also awesome!
Speaking of Christmas, I wanted to throw this out to everybody for suggetions. I am in charge of bringing an appetizer to a real estate networking holiday party next week. I was going to bring my famous tray of Shrimp (Nobody knows but I actually get it at Costco). but thought I might mix it up with something more original. So the new contest is whoever sends the winning receipe will win. The Prize = a copy of the blueprints for my Ironman Suit as well as lots of tips on how to assemble it quickly (I have already been through the learning curve).
Lastly: Tip of the day: "If you wish you had more time in the day, just remember everybody has the same amount 24 hours. It's up to you to make sure your day is the best day it can be."